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* Hours are subject to change without notice and will vary depending on when we are on the ice for practices/games or away for games and weekend tournaments.


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We guarantee that each and every sharpening we perform will be a quality sharpening that conforms to your individual specifications. If for any reason you experience an issue with our sharpening service or are dissatisfied with your sharpening for any reason, bring your skates back within 7 days for a free no questions-asked replacement sharpening.


We sharpen your skates on our 3 station Blademaster Platinum Skate Sharpening Machine (PLA5VSV). We also utilize the Blademaster Mulit Purpose Form Dresser (MPFD300) to ensure the sharpening disc is correctly shaped to the RoH of your choice each and every time your skates are sharpened.

We also offer sharpening on our Sparx automated sharpening system. The Sparx offers both traditional RoH’s such as 1/2″, 9/16″, 5/8″, etc. as well as their flat bottom “Fire” radius.


We go the “extra mile” each time you bring your skates in for service!

  • Personalized service is about YOU – not “one size fits all”! We apply a custom-radius hollow to each and every skate. Customize your hollow to your individual style and needs – and change it up any time!
  • We cross-grind the skate blade (when needed) to ensure an even, level starting point and to remove any nicks or gouges.
  • Level edges every time – “eyeing it up” isn’t good enough for us! We use precision tools to check and make certain that your edges are level and consistent on each and every sharpening.
  • The finish pass – we use a synthetic polishing compound to produce a mirror-like finish on your skates for optimum glide and speed.


Need your skates sharpened just before practice or a game? No problem! We offer “while you wait” sharpening service during normal business hours.

Don’t want to waste time waiting around? Take advantage of our “drop off” sharpening service! Simply drop your skates off during normal business hours and come back and pick them up next business day (or later).


Regular Pricing – Hockey Skates:
$7.00 While You Wait or Drop-Off (Next Day)

Regular Pricing – Goalie Skates:
$9.00 While You Wait or Drop-Off (Next Day)

First Sharpening – All Skates:
The first sharpening on a pair of new skates or new steel that has not been sharpened before is considered a “first sharpening”.
$10.00 – New Skates & Steel

​First sharpening is included FREE on all new skates and new steel purchased at House of Hockey!

RoH – Radius of Hollow

RoH Radius of Hollow

Skating is a beloved pastime for many and a crucial skill for hockey players and figure skaters. One of the most important aspects of skating is having properly sharpened blades. Skater’s blades need to be sharpened regularly in order to maintain optimal performance and safety on the ice. However, one aspect of blade sharpening that is often overlooked is the radius of hollow.

The radius of hollow refers to the curvature of the blade, and it plays a vital role in determining a skater’s performance. The radius of hollow is measured in inches, and it can range from a shallow hollow of ¼ inch to a deep hollow of 1 inch. A shallow hollow is best for beginner skaters or those who primarily use their blades for recreational skating. On the other hand, a deeper hollow is better for advanced skaters or those who engage in more aggressive or competitive skating.

A deeper hollow allows for more precise edge work and better agility on the ice. However, it also requires more maintenance and more frequent sharpening. A shallower hollow, on the other hand, is more durable and requires less maintenance, but it may not provide the same level of precision and agility.

When having your blades sharpened, it is important to communicate with your sharpener about your specific needs and preferences. They will be able to recommend the best radius of hollow for your skill level, skating style, and ice conditions. Different ice conditions also play an important role in determining the radius of hollow. Harder ice surfaces require a shallower hollow, while softer ice surfaces can support a deeper hollow. This is because a shallower hollow will provide more surface area in contact with the ice, providing more grip on harder ice.

In conclusion, the radius of hollow is an important aspect of blade sharpening that can greatly impact a skater’s performance. It is essential for skaters to communicate with their sharpeners and choose the radius of hollow that best suits their skill level, skating style, and ice conditions. Regular sharpening and maintenance of blades will ensure that skaters can perform at their best and stay safe on the ice. As a skater, it is important to keep in mind that the right radius of hollow is not just about performance, but also about safety and comfort. Regularly monitoring the condition of your blades and sharpening them accordingly will ensure that you are getting the most out of your skating experience.